What does your company taste like?

Fazer offers its customers a wide range of confectionery and biscuit products. Regardless of industry or company, the Fazer team is able to build a package that best suits your company and an assortment for any situation. Our strengths include a wide range of products, fast delivery as well as products made in Finland. A range of differently priced products offers options and possibilities to any event from an international client event to exhibition events.

Examples of use:

  • Customer gifts
  • Gifts to partners or staff
  • Sales supportOffice, reception and hotel candy
  • Event gift bags
  • Seasonal gifts, e.g. ChristmasMeeting snacks

Strong brands are the foundation of our selection

With our products you will make everyday business delicious, regardless of time or place. Our personalized alternatives bring with them a new dimension to the selection. For example, the Marianne sweet in the customer's wrapper tastes good in every situation. For promotion campaigns, we can offer our brand products combined with fleixble solutions for digital printing.

International product

Our product brands are well known in Finland as well as abroad. Our products taste great, be it in Asia or Central Europe, and what could be a better gift for an international company than a confectionery gift of high quality. Our products taste great in international events, both in Finland and abroad.

Full-hits for events

Organising events can be full of challenges: how to make this event something to remember? How to exceed expectations time and time again? Let's plan your event together to create an unforgettable taste experience.

Get business going with a good after taste

More and more companies and organizations are discovering the miraculous power of sweets in customer service. For example, if you are offered quality confectionery while waiting for your turn, queuing won’t seem that bad at all and things will have a way of going your way in the future as well.

Check out our online shop and contact our customer service, so we can plan together what your company tastes like.